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Pierre Degeyter’s original piano arrangement of The Internationale is harmonically tame, so I wrote these arrangements for myself. I wanted to keep a 19th-century classical feeling without being didactic.

These arrangements have been honored by downloads and performances in various parts of the world, as well as on CD. Links to them appear on many other Websites.


The arrangements are not under copyright and may be freely distributed. You may reprint them, post them on a Website, or perform them at Carnegie Hall.


Being subject to ordinary human vanity, I ask only that you give me credit.

Jerry Engelbach

I'm a jazz pianist from New York, where I led my own band, Weaver of Dreams. I'm now retired and living in Mexico. It's rumored that I have Trotskyist leanings.

I arranged The Internationale in 2002 using:

SOFTWARE Finale 2002b
COMPUTER Macintosh G4
MIDI INPUT Fatar SL-880 controller keyboard
MIDI OUTPUT SmartMusic SoftSynth, now replaced by Garritan Instruments.

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